Click Through Reads #66: Google Multisearch, Tiktok University

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We’re back this week with some exciting news and updates. 

Say you’re shopping for an event, and you’re in love with a top but you just wish it was in a different color. Well, with Google Multisearch, finding that top is no hassle: take a screenshot, add it to your search, and simply type the color you’re searching for and Google will do the heavy lifting for you. Google is also testing Topics, a new way for users to have control over their privacy while still having a meaningful browsing experience. 

While that cute new top is on its way to your doorstep, you can discover how to use TikTok so you can show it off. Agencies and freelancers can learn how to use the applications tools, features and stay up-to-date with trends through a series of courses at TikTok’s new Creative Agency Partnerships (CAP) University. 

We all know how important the little details can be: we can’t edit this blog post once it’s up, but soon enough you’ll be able to edit Twitter posts after they’ve gone up. 

Like we said, exciting stuff! Let’s dive into those details…


Google Introduces Multisearch

Google has introduced Multisearch, a new feature to make discovering new products easier than ever before. Multisearch allows users to search with both images and text at the same time! 

Powered by machine learning and AI advancements, searchers are now able to add additional parameters to visual search–and, for Google, this aligns with the push to incorporate AR glasses and experiences into users' purchasing habits. Multisearch is now available as a beta feature in the Google app for English language searches in the U.S.


Use Case Examples:

  • Screenshot a stylish orange dress and add the query “green” to find it in another color.
  • Snap a photo of your dining set and add the query “coffee table” to find a matching table.
  • Take a picture of your rosemary plant and add the query “care instructions” to find how to properly care for your plant. 

Different interfaces showing Google Multisearch in action


TikTok Releases Creative Education Program for Agencies & Freelancers

TikTok recently announced the start of the Creative Agency Partnerships (CAP) University, a series of courses aimed to educate marketers on everything about the TikTok creative process. 

The courses will cover everything from high-level creative conceptualization and trends, to the various tools and features available for making creatives on the platform itself. In addition to the courses, there will also be live office hour sessions with TikTok’s CAP team to help answer questions for attendees. 

By making creative more accessible, TikTok hopes it will encourage more marketers to spend advertising dollars on the platform and collaborate with top creators already on the platform. 

​​Screenshot of Tiktok's Creative Agency Partnerships (CAP) University


Twitter: Edit Button Coming Soon (But You’ll Have to Pay to Get It)

A tweet from @TwitterComms announcing that they've been working on an edit feature since last year.

A new “edit” button will be rolled out by twitter, but not for everyone; it will be an exclusive feature for Twitter Blue users. 

For any organic social posts on Twitter, there’s no need to worry about losing out on likes, comments and reactions by reuploading a tweet that originally had a typo.  Soon you will be able to just edit your existing tweet!  

There is no set rollout date just yet, but Twitter will be testing this feature over the “coming months” according to the company’s account.


Microsoft Ads Announces Two Upcoming Open Betas: Ad Customizers for RSAs & Campaign-Level Conversion Goals

Microsoft Ads RSA customizers will be in open beta this quarter. Similar to current ETA customizers, marketers will be able to deliver custom messaging in real-time to highlight sales, events, weekend specials, discounts, features and more.. 

The available custom attributes for ad customizers will be:

  • Text: Product names, product categories, descriptions
  • Number: Inventory count, number of colors available
  • Price: Product cost and sale discount
  • Percent: Discount rate and interest rate

To use ad customizers in RSAs, you’ll be able to either create custom attributes right within the UI or by uploading a customizer feed.

Screenshot of ad customizers in RSAs

Another beta that will be released soon is campaign-level conversion goals. However, Microsoft Ads hasn’t released any further information about the beta at this time.


Google Topics in Next Stages of Testing

With the depreciation of the third-party cookie, Google has introduced Topics, a new Privacy Sandbox proposal for interest-based advertising. Topics will analyze users’ browsing history and determine their top interests on a weekly basis, and categories will be kept for 3 weeks. Categories will vary but, for example, visiting a page related to a yoga retreat may prompt your browser to add categories like “fitness” and “travel & transportation” to your Topics. This will ultimately enable a more meaningful browsing experience and place more privacy control in users’ hands.

Topics is currently in testing with a limited number of developers, and it will be moving to a beta test in Chrome once completed.

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