5 Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Outsourcing digital marketing can be scary. It’s a key part of your business, and can feel like an expensive risk to take. But it can also be an expensive risk to not hire an agency. 

Hiring a digital marketing agency can save your business a shocking amount of money and time. Whether it’s cutting weeks off campaign testing or helping scale into new markets, there are often many benefits that are overlooked. 

Here are a few of the important benefits of hiring an agency:


1. Staffing

Building a great marketing department can be expensive and difficult! Even if you hire a recruiter, you may be paying upwards of 15%-20% of that hire’s starting salary just to get them in-house!

With an agency, you’re freeing up enormous amounts of human capital. Without having to worry about building an in-house marketing department, you’re able to put more resources back towards running your business.


2. Experience & Expertise

Another huge part of an agency’s value comes from their experience and knowledge running campaigns for various industries. For example, Fintech is an expensive vertical which requires a large amount of capital to establish an online presence. If a fintech company hires an agency with ‘Fintech experience’, they could save tons of money and time leveraging the agency’s experience and knowledge of the vertical.

JDM has managed over $200M worth of performance marketing spend and has built an optimal process for building campaigns. Using a proven process can save businesses considerable amounts of time and money. Leveraging an agency’s experience can get campaigns to profitability much faster than an in-house team starting from the ground up.


3. Streamlined Process

Agencies have built out processes that work well for their clients. Using their well-refined strategies helps save businesses countless hours of learning, research and testing.

Agencies have had time to develop and grow their process. For example, Jordan Digital Marketing has spent over 5 years figuring out what makes a successful campaign launch. 

While every campaign has different goals and builds, leveraging years of experience can help you avoid some of the costly pitfalls of developing a digital marketing campaign.


4. Connections

Certain challenges can be overcome using ‘who you know’ and not necessarily ‘what you know’. Ad Agencies come with their own network of resources and contacts. This can be especially useful when dealing with larger ad networks like Google or Facebook.

For example, knowing the right people could literally save your business from compliance issues on Google Ads. A quick scroll through the Google Ads forum reveals in-house horror stories where even six-figure monthly budgets can be brought to a screeching halt. 

Without a solid contact at Google, one’s options are limited to a vague appeal process or even seeking expensive legal counsel. An agency’s full time job is to stay on top of the ever-changing compliance landscape and maintain direct contact with Google.


5. Access To Private Ad Network Features

Have you ever noticed unique ad placements and wondered ‘How did they buy that ad spot?” When it comes to unique opportunities, Premier Google Partners, like JDM, gain access to private Beta features on Google Ads.

These opportunities can give you a unique edge over the competition. In fact, only 3% of agencies using Google Ads can access these beta features! This is just another way an agency can provide you with a competitive advantage.


See If We’re a Match

As you can see, some of the benefits are more obvious than others. Hiring an agency to support and build out your digital marketing efforts can be a real game changer. We would love to talk with you and see whether or not your company may benefit from working with us.

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