What to Know About the New Pinterest-Amazon Partnership

Pinterest aesthetics and social proof with Amazon’s transactional clout? That potentially powerful combo is coming later this year.

Pinterest announced toward the end of April that Amazon will be their first-ever partner for third-party ads. The timing is good for Pinterest, which is coming off a down quarter (Amazon ads, meanwhile, were up nearly 20% year over year). And it may also be good for advertisers looking to aggressively test new media channels.

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What do we know about the Pinterest-Amazon Partnership?

Pinterest’s announcement said the rollout will happen over “multiple quarters,” which means we could be well into Q4 (or beyond) before knowing what to expect from the ad functionality and/or performance. But this much we do know:

All of that is a reason for B2C advertisers to sit up and take note. Add the potential cost advantages of early adoption in a hyper-competitive marketplace, and my recommendation is to get on the horn with your Pinterest rep pronto (or look into agencies who can leverage their clout for you). 

If you need more proof that this is something both Pinterest and Amazon are betting on long-term, note that this is a multi-year agreement (and again, this is Pinterest’s first foray into third-party advertising). Details may be scant now, but it would be wise to start planning test budgets and resources to get in early on a potentially powerful set of placements.

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