Story Strip and SEO Budgets - Backlink Breaker #24

Adam Tanguay
October 23, 2019

I studied politics in college. I wanted to change the world. I believed that if I could master the machinations behind modern political systems, I could expose them for what they really were — manipulators of human psyche for the gains of the elite. 

But mostly, I wanted to become a journalist so I could get paid to travel to interesting places. 

When my stupid dreams inevitably crumbled, I stumbled into the world of SEO. Like politics, SEO wallows within a blend of science,  pseudo-psychology, mass market manipulation, and lots of writing.  

This is all just a way of saying… every time you open a screen, there are entire worlds of people vying for your attention and a moment of mindshare. From political activism to text link ads, stay vigilant. Everyone wants a piece.   

The News

Apster just launched Story Strip, a tool that lets you display website content in mobile-friendly “strips.” It’s an interesting way to embed and share content across publishers, and adds an interesting new distribution tool to the content marketing tool belt.  

After surveying a few hundred marketers, Growth Marketing Stage found SEO only gets 7% of the marketing budget, while 9% is allocated to content marketing (winners were Events at 14% and PPC at 12%)  However, most marketers were planning to increase investment in SEO and Content marketing over the next year. I think both channels still present reporting challenges to internal teams, and they both require expertise to do really well. This means slow, measured adoption, but the ROI is almost always positive (if you know what you’re doing) so it makes sense that once adopted, SEO and content marketing channels would continue to grow in budget allocation.  

(now you see why that opening was so long.... slow news week)

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