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Working remotely, like we do at JDM, doesn’t mean being disconnected from colleagues. As part of our culture-building initiative, and to introduce the digital marketing world to our awesome team members, we regularly peel back the curtain on the lives of JDMers. This week, we’ll get to know Sr. Performance Marketing Specialist Ronni Ng!

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Name: Ronni Ng

Position: Senior Performance Marketing Specialist

Location: Honolulu, HI

Ronni Ng

When did you begin working at JDM?

May of 2023.

How did you know JDM was the right fit for you?

The clear work-life balance. It’s so refreshing to be in a culture where taking PTO is encouraged and there’s an opportunity to recharge and reset over the weekends without checking emails.

What’s your favorite part of the workday?

My morning round-up is my favorite part of the workday. Listing out my priorities and tasks first thing in the morning makes my day more efficient and productive. For me, it’s not a question of, "Will there be a list for the day?" It’s: "How many lists will there be?"

What’s the most gratifying part of working with your clients? 

I love hearing clients speak passionately about their business and their enthusiasm for our partnership. It keeps me motivated to try new things within accounts and is a great way to remember that we’re working together to achieve the same goal.

In a remote company, how do you stay connected with your team?

I like to set up monthly syncs with my coworkers to have a little chit-chat. It serves two purposes: a nice brief pause during the workday and a check-in with my teammates.

What three words would you use to describe the JDM culture?

Motivating, supportive, and transparent.

What's something you love about JDM?

Being in a remote workplace, I appreciate the level of collaboration that we achieve. When I have a question or just want to brainstorm, everybody is so willing to jump in and talk it out.

Can you recall a time when JDM challenged you, and how we supported you through that time?

Onboarding onto a long-time client comes with a lot of historical learning to have a good understanding of the business and our current strategy. When I joined a well-established account, I had to quickly determine what to prioritize. JDM sets us up for success with thorough onboarding processes and organized libraries for a smooth transition.

What’s the best thing you’ve done with your unlimited PTO?

I recently moved back to my hometown and was able to go on an annual camping trip with my friends!


What's something you love about the marketing industry?

The agility of the industry keeps my mind moving. There’s always something new to learn or test in the fast-paced marketing environment.

What do you think has been the most interesting change in the marketing industry or in your channel this year?

Phasing out third-party cookies brings new tracking challenges that we’re all learning how to navigate. I’m interested in the variety of solutions that will come from this change and how the changes will apply to different verticals.

What digital marketing platform, technology, or skill do you see gaining the most traction in the next 1-2 years, and why?

Fuller-funnel strategies. We’re seeing platforms release new ad types that cater more towards TOF, which is refreshing!

What are the names and ages of your kids (or furbabies)?

Magnolia is a 1-year-old Australian Labradoodle. She’s a Labrador Retriever, Poodle, and Cocker Spaniel mix. Most of the time, I call her Goober (lovingly), and she’s the wind beneath my wings.

Magnolia in car

Magnolia in house      Magnolia in chair

What's something you've implemented or tested, and what was the outcome?

There was a set of ad groups in a Google campaign that showed a lot of promise but wasn’t getting enough spend to establish itself as a top performer. I implemented a segmentation plan to isolate those ad groups and have more control over optimizations. The new campaigns not only saw great results, but we also saw significant improvements in overall non-brand efficiency.

What’s a project that you’ve worked on that you’ve really enjoyed?

Whenever we get to onboard a new client, the entire process is a great period of discovery. It’s energizing to apply our expertise and start a fresh strategy while learning about the business, vertical, and our new contacts. It’s the beginning of an exciting partnership!

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