New Image Labels and GSC Export Features - Backlink Breaker #33

The world is a weird, scary place. Ups and downs, highs and lows. It’s all there. 

Sometimes you go left when you should have shimmied right. 

In the end, you just need to keep moving. Setbacks are normal, and if everything goes your way 24/7, you might just be playing things too safe. I don’t have an SEO point here. This is just a little armchair psychology that helps me get through the day.

OK let's talk Google.

The News

Image SEO: Google is now showing Burberry bags in 3D. Seriously, certain product images now have the option to display in augmented reality 3D when searched from mobile. This has been around for a while, since Google launched the famous 3D shark, but seeing it in ecommerce is new. You can add 3D markup to your images to qualify for this augmented placement. Another sign of the growth and importance of image search in the SEO world. 

In another image news, the thumbnails in Google Images now display labels instead of dimensions. This is a much more useful categorization of content type, versus image dimensions. For certain searches this makes it much easier to understand subtle differences between images, and may be a part of a greater improvement in the algorithmic detection and understanding of image content. 

Mobile SEO: Mobile-first indexing will be applied to all sites in the next 6 to 12 months. If you haven’t already optimized your site with mobile-first SEO in mind, you're shockingly far behind. If Google has trouble accessing the mobile version of your site, I guarantee that you have lost traffic. You may have missed it from your reporting, but now Google will send you a clear message to make the mobile changes. My advice: get moving 

Google Search Console: Google Search Console now lets you export way more data. In the past, you could only download partial GSC data and were then forced to stitch the reporting story together manually. It cost me a lot of time and made it difficult to work with organic search data at scale. This new data export improvement is a big win for SEOs who need to move data from GSC into other formats.

Video: Vimeo recently launched Vimeo Create, a video editing and production tool aimed at small businesses. It has some pretty cool features like unlimited stock video, smart editing, and automatic social optimization. Video is a key part of pretty much all modern content marketing and SEO programs, but it can be a prohibitive content format to approach. If you lack production expertise, or the money to hire a specialist, video creation can present a real challenge. I hope this lowers the barriers for more brands to create great video marketing campaigns.

Ranking Factors 

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