Click Through Reads #38: Instagram Live Rooms and Business TikTok

Hello CTR Readers! This week in Click-Through-Reads we talk about Instagram’s new Live Rooms, a feature that was released on March 1st. We also are going to cover a bunch of new Microsoft ad updates including them sunsetting Average Position (rude) just like Google. Finally, we review a new TikTok account that marketers should be following - it’s TikTok for Business!  I guess I need to call my 13 year old niece and ask her to explain this platform to me so I can continue to be relevant in my industry. 

Happy almost-weekend everyone! Enjoy the news!


Instagram Rolls Out With Live Rooms

On March 1, 2021 - Instagram announced a new feature now available on their platform called Live Rooms. Live Rooms lets you go live on Instagram with up to three people not including yourself. In the past, you were only able to go live with one other person. This new feature will create new ways to connect and collaborate with other people. Instagram suggested that the Live Rooms are great for things such as:

  • Q&A Sessions
  • Tutorials
  • Talk Shows
  • Hanging with Friends

Live Rooms also has the functionality to have a Shopping & Live Fundraisers feature.


Microsoft Sunsetting Average Position, Rolls Out Account Level Performance Insights and Other March Updates

In Microsoft’s March Product Update the announced several changes coming to the Bing UI. 

    • Free Website Builder - Microsoft added a new service, designed for small businesses that allows them to create a free website with Digital Marketing Center. The tool allows businesses to import information from a Facebook page.
  • Account Performance Insights - Performance insights are now available at the account level that will allow advertisers to get to the root of performance changes.
  • Goodbye Average Position - As of March 31 - average position will no longer be available.
  • Static Headlines in DSAs - Microsoft is in the process of rolling out a functionality that will allow advertisers to use static headlines in dynamic search ads.


Tiktok Launched a “Tiktok for Business” Account

This week TikTok launched a brand new account that will provide short and sweet videos with the goal of helping advertisers learn best practices, tips and tricks, and suggestions on to help improve ad performance on their platform. 

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