Grow as a Content Marketer: Learning Path Recommendations

Content marketing can be intimidating without the proper foundation, or without the review of successful tactics by digital marketing professionals and businesses. Fortunately, there's plenty. Whether you are learning the fundamental components or brushing up on verbiage, strategy or the exploration of new techniques, there are countless learning paths to lead you toward your intended goal. 

At Jordan Digital Marketing, we pride ourselves on having a diverse group of content marketers that collaborate on effective & creative strategies that drive traffic, build brand awareness, and generate conversions. We have put together the following collection of courses, series, guides, and more, to help you reach your content marketing goals. These resources have been reviewed by our peers, and they appeal. 

No one size fits all, so take the following recommendations as only a puzzle piece for your educational solution.

Beginners: Where do I start?


Intamdemly: Simple Beginners Guide to Content Marketing

Intamdemly's "A Simple Beginners Guide to Content Marketing"

Although it may be designed for a more avid learner, Intandemly offers a Simple Beginners Guide to Content Marketing that's broken down into clearly defined sections. This guide does an exceptional job at defining content marketing, as well as provides a basic overview of content strategy, the marketing cycle, content building techniques, and tidbits for types of content that most professionals interact with. High-level guides such as this are excellent for individuals attempting to understand the fundamentals of content and its authoritative existence in digital marketing. 


Contently: Content Strategy Series

Screenshot of Contently's Content Strategy Series

Contently currently offers a 4-week Content Strategy Series that is the epitome of “KISS,” or "keeping it simple, silly" (we're paraphrasing here). Each video is short, concise, and focused on keeping audiences interested in content. For our more visual learners, this course will keep you not only laughing, but wanting more in terms of next steps. It drives home the foundation of a good content strategy, but most importantly focuses on the “what.”

Learn about brand awareness, how to analyze your audience, the framework for your content strategy, lead generation, and methods to help you develop a strong brand voice. To get the most out of this course, take time to complete each homework assignment and utilize Hubspot's organizational templates to keep you focused as you grow your skills.


Intermediate: How do I grow?


HubSpot: Content Marketing Certification

HubSpot graphic

HubSpot's Content Marketing Certification provides engaging videos that dive into the framework of content creation & consistent production, as well as how to create/repurpose content & build confidence as a growing content marketer. It should be noted that the components of each video offer value above that of a beginner level. This is due to the focus on the use of content strategy versus just the education of content marketing. Additionally, the sectional quizzes allow you to test your knowledge and apply what you’ve learned. Looking for an in-depth focus on content marketing? Then enjoy this 6-hour course at your own pace!

eMarketing Institute: Content Marking Course and Certification

eMarketing Institute's Content Marking Course and Certification

Into eBook resources? Well, eMarketing Institute has a Content Marketing course for you! It is as simple as signing up for your free account, downloading your course material, and taking an exam for your certification. Although this course is labeled as beginner by the institute, we’ve classified this as intermediate due to the time investment and thorough integration of additional marketing strategies. Expect to hear about content marketing’s relation to SEO, SEM, social media, influencer marketing, and more. This eBook is a self-paced journey that extends beyond what content marketing is by highlighting its impact.


Advanced: Achieving continued success


Coursera: The Strategy of Content Marketing

Coursera's The Strategy of Content Marketing

Coursera offers The Strategy of Content Marketing, a 5-week comprehensive course designed by UC Davis. We label this as advanced due to the construction of this course and its requirements for certification. Some more seasoned professionals may find this course reviews the fundamentals, but then provides adequate support for developing strong, effective, and compelling content strategies and on-page copy.

If you are struggling with organizing your thoughts, this is a great course for aligning your expert knowledge with the needs of a client or your own business. Ultimately, if you are looking to become an authority for content marketing, this is the course for you! In order to succeed in this free course, you must complete and pass all graded coursework, such as quizzes, peer graded assignments, and more. 


Applying your knowledge

As mentioned, your content marketing path will differ from your colleagues, but let the abundance of readily-available information become your best friend. Content marketing is ever-evolving, which mean means marketers are always evolving as well.

Despite your level of expertise, each learning path provides its own unique level of impact. Take what you need, from where you need it, and keep moving forward. Avoid stagnation by continuing your education, applying what you’ve learned, and humbly executing your best content strategies like a BOSS!

Until next time, content is still king.

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