Google Ads Editor Updates: A Preview

A few weeks ago, Google released some updates to Ads Editor, then quickly un-published the article. Luckily, we caught a glimpse before it disappeared (update as of March 21: it's officially live!), so we’re happy to dish up a little preview of what (we think) we can expect coming soon from Google.


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In general, the new upgrades are designed to help marketers streamline ad creation, analyze campaign performance more easily, and leverage advanced bidding strategies.

Here’s a more complete breakdown of what Ads Editor (briefly) promised to support:

  • Google Display to Performance Max Migration seamlessly for improved management and optimization.
  • Performance Max Migration with Experiments to compare performance against other types of campaigns. (You can also create experiments within Ads Editor.
  • Suggested fields for “Add Responsive Display ad” recommendation. This can help create new ads with pre-populated text and images.
  • Reserve CPM bid strategy, which is similar to target CPM that helps gain more control over ad impressions and potentially optimize campaign costs.
  • Multi-Asset Responsive Video Ads allowing up to 5 videos, headlines, descriptions, and CTAs to help with ad customization and engagement.
  • Filter by “Paused by System” reasons, enabling efficient review and reactivation of paused ad groups.
  • In-line Audiences on asset groups and ad groups.
  • Third-party measurement settings at the account level and the ability to make edits at the campaign level.

Of these, I’m most excited for the ability to create experiments in Performance Max and compare it against other campaign types. They’re not all winners, though; for instance, I don’t plan on using “Paused by System” Reasons very often since I generally use Google Ads Editor for a way to edit and make multiple changes in bulk, not to look at why something was paused. And our main complaint with Performance Max (the lack of control) still stands, fundamentally, although these updates do make the back end more user-friendly.



If you’re looking for more specifics, keep checking this page for Google’s official version of these updates. And you can always reach out to chat with us if you have any questions about how to leverage these in your campaigns.


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