Backlink Breaker #15 - New Knowledge Panel CTA, Yoast 11.7, and Emoji SEO

Did you notice any dramatic traffic or rank changes this week? The SEO community is buzzing around a new Google algorithm update, but nothing's been officially confirmed by Google. Phantom algorithm updates are like Prime Day for SEOs, but instead of killer ecommerce deals, we get to argue on Twitter. It’s awesome. 

The News

Businesses with Google messaging enabled now get a massive call to action button on local knowledge panels from branded queries. If you’ve got this CTA on your listing, be prepared for an increase in new messages. 

LinkedIn Premium subscribers can now promote company services and show up in search results for related queries. This is a great feature to drive SMB leads through LinkedIn. Scheduled to go live for all US-based businesses this fall. 

The new release of Yoast 11.7 focuses on podcast indexing and improvements to FAQ and HowTo structured data. Great timing with the addition of podcasts in Google search results and increasing prevalence of structured data.

Google fixed the broken review bug. Finally.

You can now edit your Google business profile from the Google Maps iOS app

Facebook is changing the aspect ratios on the mobile news feed from 2:3 to 4:5. This means less text, and less brand real estate in general, along with a new format to prepare for videos (videos not in 4:5 will be masked). 

Ranking Factors

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