Amazon Releases Search Terms and History in Beta

Run to your computer and check your accounts now! Amazon, which is notorious for not announcing major product updates right away, has released two of the most anticipated features for marketers in Beta: Search terms and history!

These two features are essential for search marketers who want insights to what terms they are serving on, and for keeping track of changes and optimizations for multi-manager teams. Not all accounts seem to be showing one or both of these updates so I am going to show you exactly where to look in your own accounts to see if you have been given an early holiday gift from Amazon.



Change History can be found at both a campaign and ad group level.

The 'History' tab in the campaign settings.

The 'History' tab in the Ad Group settings.

Within the History tab you are able to filter by change type including bids, status, targeting, negative targeting and ad products. 

Screenshot of the 'Change type' dialog.

You can change your date range to look back at specific time frames for changes. It looks like Amazon has been keeping this data all along because there is the option to look at Lifetime lookback for history!


Search Terms

Search terms are only visible within an individual ad group. To see if your account has been given this new feature, simply navigate to any ad group and look for this icon.

The 'Search Terms' tab in the Campaign settings. 

Within the Search terms tab you will be able to see the Customer search term, keyword, match type, and your custom performance columns.

The Search terms tab with the Customer search term, keyword, match type, and your custom performance columns.

Within Search terms you have the ability to simply enter a search term to search for.

The 'Search terms' features.

If you want to dig deeper, there are also helpful filtering tools.

Screenshot of 'Search terms' filters.

'Search terms' with impressions greater than 100.

The search term lookback window is currently limited to two months back. You can Export the results for easier analysis and reporting.  Search terms is a major Amazon update for marketers who utilize match types to map keywords to specific ad groups or campaigns, marketers who want to add additional exact match terms from search terms converting on broad, and marketers who utilize negative keywords to block irrelevant traffic and trim wasted spend. 

These new releases come just in time before the Q4 Holiday sales spike. Check your accounts and let us know if you are seeing these new features and how you are using them to prepare your accounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

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