Direct Response Creative Strategy on Facebook

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Client Background

ZeroWater is a water filtration brand that sells a variety of water pitchers and dispensers to consumers. They pride themselves on their advanced 5-stage filtration systems that are able to remove 99.6% of total dissolved solids (TDS) found in drinking water, leaving customers with the purest tasting water. They’ve continued to expand their product offering with different sizes of pitchers, an eco-friendly line, a subscription offering for replacement filters, starter pack bundle offerings, and more.


At the time, ZeroWater had only recently begun to sell their products directly to consumers. Their marketing was shifting from general branding to direct response. ZeroWater’s paid social strategy wasn’t reaching its full potential on Facebook. With limited creative resources, they were running a mix of straight forward product assets that were not capturing the attention of potential customers. This led to a very low click-through rate (CTR), even in highly targeted audiences.


JDM Approach

We knew if we were able to create more engaging and enticing ad creative, engagement would increase. This would lead to more interested customers visiting their website and more direct sales.

Our approach was to come up with a few different categories of ad creative that would be more engaging to the user and feel less like a traditional ad. After some research and brainstorming, we came up with the following creative categories to focus on:

  • Product in use
  • Product comparisons
  • Customer testimonials
  • User generated content


Our strategy was to test a combination of user generated assets from influencers, as well as work with a team that specializes in high quality direct response video ads. This gave us a mix of unique and attention grabbing assets that showcase the benefits of ZeroWater’s pitchers over the competition.

Once we had the initial set of creative developed, we launched those ads to test them directly against the original creative assets that were running. Once we started to see results and significantly higher CTR, we came up with new variations to create based on the analysis of the best performing assets. We created a framework for the categories of creatives that performed well with our audiences. This allowed us to keep creatives fresh by iterating and testing new products, benefits, features, or messaging angles quickly


The Results

Overall, we saw significant increases in CTR with the new direct response creative vs the original product focused creative.

  • 104% increase in CTR in prospecting audiences
  • 29% increase in CTR for retargeting audiences
  • 59% increase in CTR for blended audiences (prospecting and retargeting)

Engaging direct response creatives were great at capturing the attention of colder audiences who may not have known about ZeroWater’s products yet. They enticed new users and piqued curiosity enough to draw them to the landing pages and into the funnel to learn more about ZeroWater’s products.

Once those potential customers click an ad and land on the website, if they don’t buy right away they become part of the retargeting audiences of higher intent users. Then, we’re able to reach this audience and persuade them to purchase with powerful testimonial ads, or remind them to come back and purchase when they’re ready.

This direct response creative strategy resulted in an increase of 149% in Facebook ad purchases when compared to the ads used prior to this strategy.

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