Increase total Unique Project requests and drop cost per project

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Client Background

Porch is a two sided marketplace focused on home improvement, connecting homeowners and service providers to help tackle tough home improvement projects. 



Develop an ongoing approach for growing Porch’s business through SEM. Our goal was to increase the total unique project requests on a weekly basis while also dropping our cost per project.


JDM Approach

The focus for Porch was to launch a large number of new keywords to test and then decrease the keyword count and focus on only the top terms; grow the account, improve efficiency, and drive additional volume on the terms that were proven to work.

The secondary interest was to try and find ways that we could increase the total number of phone leads by adding call extensions to all campaigns and working with Porch’s landing page service provider to place the phone number in an ideal position to encourage calls from mobile clicks.


Our hypothesis was that by focusing on our top keywords and doing everything we could to drive additional call volume, our account would see continual improvements in cost per project and total project volume.

After running months of ad and landing page tests, along with general keyword expansions followed by retractions, we were able to dramatically improve efficiency, project volume, and gross profit.

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The Results

Over the course of 12 weeks after taking over sole management of the Porch account, we were able to increase the total weekly project volume by 274%, while increasing total phone lead volume by 400, all while decreasing CPL by 63.7%.

Conversion rates during this time improved 377.7% reaching all time highs.

Over this same time period, we were able to see a gross profit increase of 286.5%.

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